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On May 18, 2023, the current federal government tabled Bill C-47 in the House of Commons, which contained a wide variety of amendments pertaining to the recent budget.  Because this was a budget item, it took some time for groups like our Political Action committee to recognize the import of some of this proposed legislation.   A month later, the Bill passed as the Budget Implementation Act, 2023 No. 1, having received royal assent on June 22, 2023.

Specifically, one section of C-47 -- Division 27, Sections 500-504 -- is of particular concern to Canadian Society of Homeopaths and most Canadians with an interest in Natural Health Products (NHP).  This section is based on Health Canada's proposal to amend the definition of "therapeutic product" in the Food and Drugs Act (FDA) that removes the existing exemption for Natural Health Products -- including homeopathics -- within the meaning of the Natural Health Products Regulations.  The result has altered existing provisions of the Food and Drugs Act dealing with therapeutic products so that Natural Health Products are now regulated equally with prescription drugs.


Since 2008, Canadian Society of Homeopaths has supported the approach of lawyer, Shawn Buckley and Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) with issues affecting homeopathic remedies, Natural Health Products, and Health Canada.  Our main concern is that our efforts with NHPPA not lose focus on homeopathy and homeopathic remedies as we support the full spectrum of Natural Health Products.

At this time we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the NHPPA’s Discussion paper and then take action in whatever way you feel best represents your situation.

What Can You Do Right Now?

A. Inundate Ottawa with Mail

CSH recommends that our members join the campaign to create a tsunami of physical mail that will inundate the offices of Members of Parliament and other bureaucrats in Ottawa.  We ask our members and all others with an interest in homeopathy and Natural Health Products (NHP) to commit to mailing one letter per week to elected representatives in Parliament.  Your letters can be addressed to their Ottawa office (no postage required) or their local constituency office (requiring postage).

Canadian Society of Homeopaths has developed a format HERE for all you need to know about how to write and send letters to your federal elected representatives.  NHPPA also has a number of suggestions HERE for how to make your submission more effective.

For those with an interest in homeopathy, we encourage you to specify this interest, as well as your interest in NHP.  Our suggestions for you when letter-writing is to emphasize the following 3 points:

1. Clearly state why homeopathic remedies and Natural Health Products are important to you.

2. Clearly explain what you are concerned about (including the new definition of “therapeutic products” and effects of increasing fees).

3. Clearly state what you want this person to do for you, including "Repeal Sections 500-504 of C-47” and “Reject all consideration of increasing fees to manufacturers and importers".  Do not ask for them to simply address your concerns as this can be open to interpretation.

B.  Respond to Health Canada’s Online Consultation on Proposed Fees for Natural Health Products

Health Canada has opened consultation on proposed new fees for Natural Health Products - the "cost recovery" stage of their plan.  See HERE.  These fees will be imposed on the manufacturers and importers of NHPs and will have a serious impact on both the industry and consumers.  The deadline for submissions has been extended to August 10.

To read the full cost recovery proposal click HERE.  Access the online consultation form HERE.

Our suggestions for responding to this consultation include those listed above under A.  Inundate Ottawa with Mail.  Remember to include your interest in homeopathy and your clear instructions about what you want Health Canada to do about your concerns.

As you will note on the NHPPA site, there are many varied courses of action that can be taken.  However, we do not want to overwhelm anyone, so at this time we are limiting our suggestions.  We do expect to have more input during the coming months, which we will share on our website and through e-blasts to our members.  To paraphrase Shawn Buckley, Don’t panic.  This is just the beginning of a long process to successfully reverse political decisions that will seriously harm our access to homeopathic and natural health products.  Be positive, learn what’s going on, commit yourself to begin action.  We will succeed!


CSH members join a 2008 rally to oppose federal government legislation, which eventually
was suspended.



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