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Professional Development is an essential part of maintaining an effective registry of qualified professionals.  Following are some of the most common questions from our Registered members about their Professional Development obligations: 

1.  Why do I need Professional Development Credits?
2.  How many PDCs do I need?
3.  Can I renew my membership if I haven't been able to earn the required PDCs?
4.  How do I know if a continuing education course will be accepted for PDCs?
5.  What can I do if I am unable to attend continuing education events?
6.  Can I earn PDCs other than through continuing education?

1. Why do I need Professional Development Credits?

All professional associations require their members to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge and contribute to their profession.  Professional development requirements demonstrate professional credibility to the general public, government, and insurance agencies.  Our requirements are consistent with those of comparable professional associations.

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2. How many PDCs do I need?

Registered members are required to accumulate an average of 15 PDCs per year or a total of 30 credits per 2-year period (currently covering January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022).  A maximum of 15 additional credits can be carried forward to the next period.

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3. Can I renew my membership if I haven't been able to earn the required PDCs?

Yes, you can renew your membership as long as you explain your specific situation on the second page of the calculation form.  A representative will contact you later to discuss your situation and work with you to develop a plan to meet your PDC requirements.

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4. How do I know if a continuing education course will be accepted for PDCs?

CSH recognizes many post-graduate courses in advance and these are highlighted with a ü on the CSH Calendar of Educational Opportunities.  Sponsors of other homeopathic courses and events are invited to apply for advance approval by contacting our office.  Events that have been pre-approved for Professional Development Credits (PDCs) receive authorization to include CSH recognition in their promotion of that event.

Other post-graduate education seminars and courses will be considered on an individual basis.

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5. What can I do if I am unable to attend continuing education events?

Many of our members find it difficult to attend graduate-level seminars and other educational events in order to collect continuing education credits.  Online courses provide an obvious alternative.

However, not all online courses are alike or meet our standards for recognition.  At this time, CSH recognizes the following online courses for our members’ continuing education:

~ Karen Allen's  Watch Anytime Classes

~ Lou Klein's  Zhomeo Courses

~ Synergy's  HOPE (Homeopathic Online Portal for Education)

~ Will Taylor's Academy of Homeopathic Studies

~ Trinity Health Hub's  The Hub

~ WholeHealthNow's  Online Courses

Please remember that documentation of successful completion from the sponsor must be included when you claim any of these events towards you Professional Development Credit (PDC) requirements.

Other online courses will be considered on an individual basis.  If educational credits are important for you, please enquire about specific events before committing to them.

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6.  Can I earn PDCs other than by attending continuing education events?
On-going Professional Development can also take the form of contributing to the homeopathic profession or providing service to the homeopathic community.  See our Professional Development Requirements for details and suggested activities.  We are also open to other ideas, which will be considered on an individual basis.

There are many ways to contribute to the homeopathic profession, such as by increasing the body of knowledge in homeopathy through teaching, writing, or research.

You can also earn PDCs through service to the homeopathic community.  Have you considered volunteering with CSH or our affiliates to work on specific projects or committees?  Most of these volunteer positions can be filled long-distance via e-mail and teleconferences.

Also, Homeopathy Awareness Month offers many opportunities for Registered members to accumulate PDCs.  Your Awareness activities will be calculated on an individual basis, based on the length of the event; the amount of preparation; additional promotion (e.g., an announcement in the local paper); and any additional features (e.g., discount coupons or a draw for a beginners' book).  Possible Awareness Month activities range from giving an introductory talk to information booths, meet-n-greets, mini-clinics, or an open house, or media promotion.  Contact the Homeopathy Awareness co-ordinator for details or to share your ideas.

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